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Dan Walker
President &
Chief Creative Officer
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As President & Chief Creative Officer of COREndurance, Dan is dedicated to the art of creating Targeted Entertainment & Information – content that gets to the heart of a story, and makes it last in a meaningful and memorable way for the audience. In doing this, a COREndurance story (whether it’s as short as an advertisement, or as long as a feature film) can provide a uniquely integrated channel for conveying information while entertaining.

Dan is an accomplished storyteller, creative director, communications expert and producer for television, film and business presentations, advertising and public relations. His career spans three decades, with specializations in program development, scriptwriting and production consultation for a wide range of audiences and purposes. His award-winning work has been used to educate, motivate, inform and persuade millions around the world.

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Dan’s approach to storytelling is simple: Get to the heart… and make it last.

His work has always been about fostering the utmost creativity, meaning and magic from the available time and resources. This has led him to projects and campaigns that span the depth and breadth of the communications arts.

Dan relishes seeing a good idea developed into a proud reality, and is quick to come up with imaginative new ideas, or to collaborate with others in making their ideas work for film, television, video, CD-ROM & interactive, the Internet and other media.