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This page is dedicated to highlighting just a few of the hundreds of creative communications projects Dan Walker has touched - everything from print pieces to web pages to documentaries and feature films. Please scroll down and browse through the projects.

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"Cable and Commerce"

Museum Theatrical

The Cable Center
Denver, Colorado


An 11-minute journey into the surprising economic impact of cable telecommunications.

This 11-minute film was produced as the premiere presentation for a permanent theatrical exhibit at Denver's Cable Center. It was one of three presentations Dan wrote and directed for the Cable Center in time for their grand opening.

As scriptwriter, Dan worked directly with the Cable Center's benefactor for the exhibit, industry financial guru Paul Kagan of Paul Kagan Associates, to brainstorm key messages and write the script.

Next, as director, Dan used video supplied from several major cable networks and operators, as well as footage Dan shot in New York and Baltimore (including the horseman riding into the sunset - a scene lensed by Annapolis cameraman Brian Mong of World Class Video), Dan directed the editing at Renegade's facilities in Baltimore, color correction in Boulder and audio sweetening and final compositing in Denver.

Dan also consulted with the Cable Center's exhibits company and designed the final composition for the exhibit's unique 5-screen videowall.

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"Guardian Ring® Tamper-Evident Packaging"

Sales Video

Sweetheart Packaging

Creative Director

It was an inexpensive and simply-produced video, yet instrumental in unlocking a multi-million dollar account.

Sweetheart Packaging wanted to introduce a major grocery store chain to its new line of tamper-evident dairy packaging. The problem was, the chain didn't want to talk with Sweetheart, whose best account execs had been trying everything to get in the door.

They knew that if they could just show the benefits of this packaging and how it would translate into more dairy product sales, they'd be hooked. Dan worked with Sweetheart's product manager to carefully craft a short but powerful video that would highlight results of consumer acceptance surveys Sweetheart had conducted. Simple and to-the-point, the video presented the facts that customers were far more likely to purchase dairy products with tamper-evident seals.

The finished video, a spec sheet and some product samples were then mailed to the appropriate contacts at the grocery chain's headquarters. The result: A $10 million initial order for Guardian Ring® packaging equipment and products. Other large orders soon followed.

Dan has written copy and designed hundreds of pieces of collateral and videos designed from the ground-up to do one thing - sell. Call Dan at 443.618.0708 to talk about how COREndurance can help you with your marketing needs.


training & info  

"Beagle Brigade"

Public Relations Vehicle

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Animal, Plant & Health
Inspection Service



The way to get an adult to respect federal laws is to tell their 5-year old.

USDA's Animal, Plant & Health Inspection Service (APHIS) was looking for a vehicle to help inform international travelers about the rules on bringing foreign substances into the U.S. As part of a multi-pronged campaign, they commissioned a short video to educate children about the beagle dogs that work for APHIS to sniff out illegal plants and food products. APHIS would show the video as part of school visits around the country.

Dan worked with director Tom Howard (now the director for ESPN's "Pardon The Interruption") to develop a funny and educational video that would be memorable enough that the kids would want to tell their parents about the dogs role the next time they saw them in the airport. The result was "The Beagle Brigade," which follows the antics of newshound Bernard Snoops as he goes undercover on the story.

While writing the script, Dan was inspired to write two short songs that worked their way into the video - "Sniff, Work, Play" and "I'm A Government Dog." The songs were put to music by Jeff Ercole of Blue Dot Music.

"Beagle Brigade" is now a timeless classic that is still in use by the USDA more than 10 years after its release - a perfect example of getting to the heart... and making it last.



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Dan is an accomplished storyteller, creative director, communications expert, journalist and award-winning producer for television, film and business presentations, advertising and public relations. His career spans three decades, with specializations in program development, scriptwriting and production consultation for a wide range of audiences and purposes. His award-winning work has been used to educate, motivate, inform and persuade everyone from kids to kings.

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