...get to the heart of your message.



And make it last.

We have a unique ability to quickly learn your business and your needs. We plan, brainstorm, write, edit, design, produce. Then we begin to use the words we write, taking them further than most writers. We work with your marketing experts, your production team, your agency, your entourage. We help you get the most impact for your writing investment.

And what if you don't have an entourage?

We can help you assemble one. That's because our expertise extends beyond mere wordsmithing. We know the communications process intimately, from both the client and production sides. We work cooperatively with ad agencies, television production companies, graphic artists, film directors and multimedia production houses. We know where to turn to get the job done, and we'll work with you to do the job in a way that's most comfortable for you.



Dan Walker

President &
Chief Creative Officer

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gets to the heart of what you want to say.

Then we creatively tell your story in ways that keep your story alive in the hearts of the people you want to touch. That's targeted entertainment and information. It takes communications to a whole new level.

Our core in-house competencies include:

- Research
- Brainstorming & Ideation (creating new ideas)

- Brand Development
- Creative Direction & Consulting
- Copywriting
- Web Content Development
- Script Development & Scriptwriting
- Producer Services & Project Management
- Digital Video Editing (Final Cut Studio)
- High Quality Flash Video Encoding

- Communications Planning (internal, external, marketing)



Part magazine, part video, part Internet. All pure enjoyment for the niche subscriber...

...and surprisingly affordable, whether you're the one who wants a subscription, or the one who wants to profit from it.

COREndurance has developed a fantastic model for cost-effectively producing video products for the web or DVD.

MyBIZvid targets consumers in very highly specific niche markets, and brings them the programming they've been dying to see but the networks - even the niche cable channels - would never touch.

MyBIZvid is already at work in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore markets, and will be coming soon to other markets.

Have a message you want to put on high quality video for the web?

Give us a call. MyBIZvid is a highly effective tools for businesses, associations, government and marketers to reach out to their target audiences with the kind of information and advertising that's best delivered face-to-face, or on video.



Introducing a new way to improve learning.

We're moving physical fitness into the classroom with GYMB4 - short for "Get Yourself Moving before..." well, before any activity requiring concentration, such as reading, math, studying or test-taking.

We created GYMB4, and we're launching an exciting new product for elementary schools. GYMB4 uses a unique fitness model that's already proven itself in the public school system environment. Now, we're taking that model and making it available as a DVD video series for schools, daycare centers and moms around the country.

GYMB4 does more than fight childhood obesity and give kids healthy indoor exercise. It gets oxygen flowing and stimulates their brain so they can learn more and perform better in school.

See for yourself. Click and go to www.gymb4.org

Well? What are you waiting for? Get Yourself Moving!


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We deliver everything with intense passion and dedication.

That's not a line, either. We won't take on your project unless we can get excited about what you're trying to achieve.

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