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Whatever you have to say, put our passion to work on your next project...

You have one message - a story - that's at the heart of what you're all about. It's the reason why you do what you do. COREndurance can draw that story out and write it for you. We can even help you deliver your story in print, on the web, in a video or film... whatever will get your story to the people who matter most to you.

Call COREndurance for a free consultation. We can help you say it like you feel it.



Get to the heart...

The CORE is the heart of what's important to you.
It's what turns your work into your playtoy.

We all had that passion when we were younger.

Think back to the first toy you can remember. Chances are, it's the toy you loved the most; the one you wished you still had today, even if only as a memento. That toy was your passion.

Passion is what lets you work really late and get up early the next morning, wanting to do it all over again. Because you enjoy it. All of your energy, your drive, your life – all of this comes from being aware of your CORE and listening to your passion.

Over time, though, life's distractions can build up like a plaque around what's important, pulling you away from your CORE. Bureaucracy, inter-office politics, old collateral pieces begging to be re-used, money, legal reviews, taxes, new products, old products, dead products... and that's not fun.

We can help you get back to that CORE, so you can share that passion with others.


...make it last.

Endurance means staying power.

It's the ability to persist despite the ravages of time. Too much of today's advertising and storytelling is designed to titillate, shock or even offend… all in the name of getting the audience's attention. In reality, this kind of superficial "selling the sizzle" is self-obsolescent. The audience walks away with a momentary buzz but nothing meaningful or memorable. And the next time, it'll take even more to get their attention. You should demand more from your passion.


tells your story.

We write with passion. We produce passionate stories.

We write from experience the best words for brochures, news, ad copy, screenplays, video scripts, interactive content and website content.

With over 20 years of award-winning experience, we've worked with some of the best artisans in the business, so we can bring your story to life in any medium.

With COREndurance, there's rarely any learning curve. We get to the heart of your story quickly, and tell it in ways that people will remember, hopefully for a long, long time.



We can work with your team, or let us assemble one for you.

COREndurance is your first link in a network of professional designers, musicians, media experts, directors, editors and others who can take the heart of your message and make it sing for your audience. You always wished you could sing, right?

If you're new to media, we can guide you through the process, from inspiration to cost-effective application. And if you're a seasoned pro, we can fit right into the production processes you already have in place. Bottom line: You feel complete. And so do we.


what's new?  

New Media Consultant
Broadband Video Provider

COREndurance Chosen by National Sailing Hall of Fame

The National Sailing Hall of Fame selected COREndurance as its new media consultant and broadband video provider for its website, www.nshof.org.


Medical Features Writer

Dan Walker Named Among Top Medical Writers by M.D. NEWS

COREndurance's Dan Walker was recently named one of the top medical writers in the country by the publishers of M.D. NEWS, a series of regionally-published national lifestyle magazines for physicians. Dan has written several cover stories and feature articles for the magazine, highlighting the practices and achievements of a variety of notable doctors in specialties ranging from OB/GYN and pediatrics to neurosurgery.


Exercise Videos
For Kids

COREndurance's Dan Walker Directs Children's Exercise Videos

COREndurance created GYMB4 to produce a series of children's exercise videos designed to be used in the classroom, to help combat childhood obesity and improve student concentration. Dan Walker directed the modular production involving over 35 schoolchildren ranging in age from 5 to 10 years. Click here to learn more about the project.


Marketing Copy
& Videos For
Financial Publisher

COREndurance Writes Copy & Produces Videos for The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is one of North America's largest and most respected financial publishers. Dan Walker wrote the marketing copy and produced several short videos that will be included in The Oxford Club's first direct-mail CD-ROM, which will give prospective members a first-hand look at the advantages of membership.


"Black Pearls"
For Exxon/Mobil

COREndurance Provides Research & Copywriting for "Black Pearls"
Exxon/Mobil Corporation's Celebration of Black History Month

COREndurance just completed researching and writing "key contributions" biographies of more than 70 "Black Pearls" — famous African-American women — for International Information Resources (IIR) and its client, Exxon/Mobil Corporation.

The work will be used in a series of panels that will be displayed in Exxon/Mobil's Virginia headquarters lobby. COREndurance helped IIR with brainstorming the women to be highlighted and unique ways to organize and label the panels, which include names like "Exercising Greatness" (sports legends), "Word Warriors" (authors & poets) and "Enlighteners & Equalizers" (civil rights advocates). Research will also be used to create a short animated video for continuous loop display.


Stay tuned...

COREndurance will regularly update this page with news, so check back often. We also have plans to add a weblog to offer help with idea brainstorming and story development, as well as links to public interest intitiatives and partners in which COREndurance has a helping hand.

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